Wall Gallery

Wall galleries are awesome – in theory – for someone who isn’t a perfectionist. I’d been staring at this big blank wall in our foyer for years, thinking that it would be the perfect place to display photos. But every time I started the project, it intimidated me into quitting. What photos do I hang? What layout should I use? What frames should I buy? In what colors? It was too much.

The price of creating a wall gallery was another factor that kept holding me back – frames, canvases, and prints can run a pretty penny! When a promo code for 40% off canvases and prints at Mpix suddenly popped up in my inbox, I took it as a sign to go for it. Plus, the expiration of the code gave me a deadline. No more time for indecision.

Since the layout and photos are what kept me in a constant Catch-22, I decided that I needed a way to see different size frames on my actual wall with the ability to move them around. That’s when I went full nerd and opened Excel.

I started by making the boxes square. Each square would represent one foot. Then I used a gray box to outline the actual wall measurements.

blank wall gallery

Afterwards, I inserted an actual photo of the wall (taking it as head on as possible) and inserted the photo where the gray box was. I had my wall. Now onto the layout. (Ignore the mess in the photo. Why, yes, that is a nail clipper on the banister. We run a classy ship.)

wall gallery3

I then used the shape feature in Excel to create various size “frames” to scale.

wall gallery4

Finally, I took things one step further by putting actual photos in the squares to see what photos I wanted to include and at what size. (I got a little crazy and took screenshots of actual frames to really get a feel for everything, but that was likely unnecessary and neurotic.)

wall gallery2

Once I had everything in place, I knew exactly what size canvases, prints, and frames to order. Since my layout was to scale, it was also easy to hang everything up.

wall galleryVoilà!

Not gonna lie. This is probably the least efficient manner to hang a wall gallery, but it was the best for someone like me who needs more than blank craft paper or a generic wall to visualize the finished product.

So, if you have several hours to kill and are a masochist, this tutorial is for you.

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