Treat Yo ‘Self

In honor of the season finale of Parks and Recreation that took place last week (RIP), why don’t you treat yo’ self?

market bag

Treat Yo’ Self No. 2 Market Tote – $22
Something to remind you that it’s ok to splurge on yourself every once in awhile (and hold all those splurges while you continue shopping).

forever21 kimono

Sheer Lace-Paneled Kimono – $32.90
When visiting Nashville last fall, I stopped in a local boutique and bought a cute kimono on a whim. Bohemian is not my usual look, but there was something about it that I loved. It has become a surprising staple in my wardrobe because of its versatility. I can wear it over pretty much anything – jumpsuits, jeans, shorts, leggings. And in Miami, I found another use for it – a chic beach cover-up. I think this one from Forever 21 may be my new go-to this spring/summer.


“Is Vodka Vegan?” Tank – $32
There is so much to love about this shirt. As someone who strives to live healthily while still enjoying my share of treats, I love the playfulness of the message. (It’s also available as a tee.)



Bisou Bisou Floral Print Soft Pants – on sale now for $27.99 (Use promo code “CRDEVNT2” through March 15 for an additional 15% off!)
First, these pants a fantastic floral print. Second, they are comfy enough to wear when traveling while remaining stylish. Third, they’re on sale. Go. Buy. Now.


Designer Lipstick USB Drives – prices vary
Um, it really doesn’t get much cuter than these! They are a bit pricey for what they are, but if there’s a hardworking fashionista in your life that already has everything, they will adore one of these. I mean, who wouldn’t get an extra boost of confidence breaking out their Chanel USB when presenting in the boardroom?

2 thoughts on “Treat Yo ‘Self

  1. That kimono is SO cute! I may have to get one. How’s the sizing? Would a medium work…. assuming you randomly still know what size I am 11 years after we lived together… 🙂

    1. 11 years! Geez, how did that happen?! I just ordered this one (the one I wore on my trip I bought somewhere else). But looking at the size chart, I am confident you are a small. I think this would be adorable on you, especially with your gorgeous long hair. If you do buy it, please share a pic on the Facebook page!

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