The sacred circle

I have two college girlfriends that reached bestie status during our senior year of college. I had known L since my freshman year and met Jenna the semester before. Our personalities clicked well together. Living with them senior year was the way I always pictured the college experience. Little disagreement, a lot of fun, and an endless support system.

After graduation, we all sort of went to our corners. We were finding out what really lied ahead as we started careers, moved away from home, and dated. While senior year was a blast, I would say it was in those years that immediately followed where our friendships were really tested and grew. We were finding out who we were as women in all life’s glorious complications and uncomfortableness. Through job changes, location changes, breakups and a divorce, we tried to keep our monthly dates. Each of us wondered together where we’d be in the next few years, and if we’d find a partner that not only complemented us, but was comfortable with our friends.

One by one, we fell in love with men that stole our hearts. Sometimes surprisingly so. Each of us has a love story that’s a little bit unbelievable and completely unplanned, like any good one is. Not only were these guys perfect for us, but one of the first signs that they were a winner was when they fit with the girls – our sacred circle. Because when you love a friend like a sister, you know what they’ve been through and are fiercely protective (annoyingly so) of their hearts.

We unintentionally started a tradition of us taking a photo kissing the groom. It was symbolic of our blessing of him and his official acceptance into the sacred circle.

This month, we officially welcomed M into the circle. Isn’t he a lucky duck?!


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