Super Bowl sweets

I love watching professional football even when my Steelers aren’t involved, but there are a few teams that I like a lot less and two of them played on Sunday. Needless to say, I was a little less than enthusiastic for the actual game, so I decided to concentrate my efforts on food.

A few years ago, I wanted to make special sugar cookies for a party and came across this wonderful recipe by Brown Eyed Baker. I’m not usually a sugar cookie fan, but these are so soft and delicious! She also includes very detailed instructions on how to decorate with royal icing.

The last few Super Bowls, I began making cookies for each team. While it can be time-intensive depending on how detailed you get, I find the process really fun (it’s like crafting with food!).

For each team, I start by deciding which Jersey they are wearing – home or away. I’m usually a dork and use the version the team announces they are wearing. The Seahawks are wearing their home blue and the Patriots are going with white since they are technically the “visiting” team.

Then I make a rough sketch of each jersey design so I know what icing colors I need and any special equipment (for the star on the Pats’ helmets I bought a decorating tip I didn’t own).


Then I carefully follow Brown Eyed Baker’s tutorial on decorating with royal icing. All the decoration you see below is free hand, although I am experimenting with creating my own stencils.

The result is delicious and fun. What kinds of special foods do you make for the Super Bowl?

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