Sun, sun, sun

The post in which I tell you frivolous details about my weekend.


What a beautiful weekend! Hope you and yours were able to enjoy some warmer temps and sunny days like we did. I was so excited not to have to bundle up that I spent most of my weekend outdoors.

Since Max needed a new collar, we used it as an excuse to take the dogs for a long walk to our favorite local pet store, Petagogy. This place is seriously adorable. The employees genuinely love animals and always spoil the dogs with a few treats when we visit. They are also unfazed when Max decides he needs to keep barking to let the world know he’s alive.


While trying to keep Daisy and Max from pillaging all the treats at dog-level in the store (“You eat it, you buy it!” apparently does nothing for these spoiled pups with no concept of money.), we perused a few collar options for Maximilian. Pete’s chose a cool collar made of recyclable materials – and had a bottle opener attached. It’ll be a great asset for man’s best friend – Beer. The company, Cycle Dog, is actually pretty awesome. They create dog products utilizing recyclable materials, specifically bike tire tubes.

After our walk, we all took a nice nap on the couch. Pete jokes with me that even though I run marathons, a brisk walk wears me out. It’s kinda true. I also park as close to the door of any destination as possible. Sitting is the new smoking, and I’m a pack-a-day user… except for the one day a year that I run for hours on end.

max collar2

Later that night, I invited us over to a friend’s house to watch the Final Four games. (Yes, I’m that friend.) Despite my height, I actually hate watching/playing basketball. By going over to a friend’s house, Pete could watch the game with her husband, while I had someone equally as disinterested in the sport to make inane comments about the games. For instance, who at Adidas though Wisconsin’s uniforms were a good idea? Why the wide white band at the top of the shorts? Did they run out of red material and needed to add length? Why add the stripes to only one leg? For the love of sports fashion, someone call Tim Gunn! You and I both know that he’d turn that awkward white material into a proper cummerbund. Maybe a bow tie up top too?

wisconsin uniforms

Early on Sunday, I met my running buddy for a long run. (The fact that I did it after a late night and some wine was remarkable. You won’t find that in the training manuals, but it works for me.) We’re both running events in the Pittsburgh Marathon – she’s doing the half, and I’m doing the full. While I’m so slow, I love the feeling I get training and running a marathon, especially a local one. It’s really neat to see the entire city come out to cheer us along. This will be my 7th marathon and 6th time running Pittsburgh. If you had told the 13-year old, asthmatic girl, who had a hard time running the bases during softball without wheezing, that someday she’d run 7 marathons, she would have never believed you. While I’ve never been fast, each race is an accomplishment and another reminder that anything is possible.

That afternoon, I handed out Easter baskets. The dogs were each given a pork bone that we had picked up on Saturday, and I gave Pete some candy. He loves candy, but I try to minimize how much we have in the house, or else he’ll eat himself into an advanced diabetes oblivion. As predicted, the bunny poops were his favorite.

easter bones

bunny poop

Pete had to go out of town for work Sunday evening, so I spent the rest of Easter night eating salsa and chips, drinking wine, and watching the Mad Men season premiere. Pretty much how Jesus intended it to be.

Speaking of Mad Men, am I the only one still completely obsessed with the series? I know the pace is a little slow for some, but I can’t get enough of the 60’s detail, compelling characters, and the answer we’ve been waiting for since the series premiere – does Don survive his lies?

Ok, let me get kinda spoilery (it’s a word!) for a second.


Don is out in full swagger this episode. I never liked him with Megan, but I was getting used to good guy Draper. Does reverting to his hard drinking, promiscuous lifestyle mean that he no longer gives two F’s and is going to finally fall?

And that scene with Joan and Peggy really hit a nerve for me. During the first season, all those sexual innuendos and sexist comments were funny; but in this scene, it was just SO uncomfortable. Joan had to hammer her way through the glass ceiling, and she’s still not being taken seriously because of her looks. It reminded me of my beginnings in the corporate world. I am not as gorgeous as Joan, but both men and women would make remarks like “Why are you here? Why aren’t you modeling or something?” I’m sure that most thought it was the highest compliment, but it made my blood boil to think that my looks may (and sometimes did) override my work.

Ok, I could go on and on and on about this episode/series/Don Draper. Maybe I’ll just do a recap tomorrow?

Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful Easter/Passover/weekend and took some time to go outside, look around, and be thankful.

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  1. You are not alone! I was going to text you today as I watched Don Draper on my DVR. I totally agree about that scene with Peggy and Joan. I wanted to punch those men in the face.

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