Pet Peeve #3,408,271

If there’s one thing that makes me stabby angry, it’s when I’m on the phone with someone, in the middle of a pleasant conversation, about to start a story, and the other person uses the pause to say, “I’ll let you go.”*

Um, you’re “letting me go?” What? Are you firing me? Are we breaking up? It just doesn’t make sense. If you want to get off of the phone, say that. Why put it on me, dude?

liz lemon eye roll

Are they trying to make it seem like they’re doing me a favor? If I wanted to end the call, I would have said that I needed to hang up, but now I feel like an idiot because you’re obviously bored with the conversation. But what if I don’t want to go?

One time I was on the phone with an acquaintance when they said, “I’ll let you go.” As a little experiment and because I was feeling particularly jerky that day, I said, “No, I’m good,” and kept talking. It was hilarious. The other person didn’t know what to do. They stumbled about the conversation awkwardly until they finally interrupted me and said, “Hey, I need to go.” I know you needed to go ten minutes ago, so why didn’t you just say that???

Unless you called, and I said that I was in the middle of something and needed to get back to it, there’s no need to “let me go.” What you actually want to say is that you’re done with the conversation. Things to say instead? “I need to go.” “It’s been fun. Talk to you later.” “Nice catching up, but I have to do X.”

Saying that you’re going to “let me go” is just weird.

Deep breathe. Rant over.

Am I the only one annoyed by this?

*P.S. I know lots of my friends do this. I love you for who you are. Don’t change. I’ll just give you side-eye over the phone.

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