Let’s Get Weird

I happen to have an excellent group of friends that share my affection for the unusual. I also happen to live in a city that celebrates these things with all the enthusiasm it can muster. Maybe the weird has just rubbed off on us? Two years ago, we rented a suite with at least 20 of our friends to celebrate a 40-foot-tall rubber duckie that visited our city.


There were literally adults paying good money for a view of a rubber duck. And just this weekend, our city celebrated Picklesburgh, an event to highlight the city and it’s growing culinary scene. Both were weird and wonderful, much like my friends.

Keeping this in mind, it should come as no surprise that we have made a point of annually celebrating the Furry Convention, known formally as Anthrocon. Pittsburgh has hosted the event for a number of years as it’s popularity around the city continues to grow. The Anthrocon Convention is for fans of cartoon animals with human features. Simple as that. Some dress as them and some don’t. I have to say, while not my thing, furries seem like smart folks with a sense of humor about themselves and accepting of those around them. My husband spent 2 hours one year talking to a guy dressed as dinosaur to get the 411 about the convention, so if have questions, ask him.

For the last few years, my friends and I have gathered at a bar near the convention center to take part in Furryoke – karaoke with furries. While the number of furries that participate seems to have dwindled (perhaps there’s a new hot spot), it’s great people… er, Furry-watching as we all take turns requesting songs for each other. Every year, we grab a few photos with furries and take away more memories.

I’m so glad that I have friends that enjoy living in the moment, no matter how ridiculous.

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