I’ve got 99 problems, but being tall ain’t one.

As a tall women, there are 2 questions that I get 90% of time upon meeting a new person. “Do you play basketball?” (Always in the present tense as though I’m moonlighting after my WNBA practice.) and “Are you a model?” I realize with the second one that they are probably truly trying to pay me a compliment as ridiculous as it sounds coming out of their mouth. I mean, even if they thought I was somewhat attractive looking, I’m the least coordinated person ever (the runway would be the death of me), and I consider cupcakes a complete dinner so there’s no way my butt would ever fit into a sample size.

Despite disappointing these people by responding that I didn’t follow either of the two chosen professions for tall people, the model one was a little flattering. I mean, what girly girl like me wouldn’t want to have people doing there hair and makeup and strutting around in beautiful designer clothing?

So, when my friend and super talented floral designer asked me to be part of an inspiration shoot for her and some other event professionals, I jumped at the chance. The shoot also happened to be a Kate Spade inspired New Year’s Eve party. Um, could this BE any more exciting?! Two of my favorite things rolled into a one-in-a-lifetime photo shoot where I got to be pampered? All in.

The models were asked to bring their own outfits, so I opted for this gorgeous emerald green dress by French connection, Kate Spade pumps (duh!), and a gold belt. (At the last minute, I nixed the gold belt for a pink one from another dress in my closet.) I thought they represented the fun, flirty, ladylike spirit of a Kate Spade girl.

ks nye

The day started with me in hair and makeup, and I really had to resist putting on any makeup before I arrived. It’s like cleaning before the cleaning person arrives. Even though cleaning you up is the job, you never really want people to see how much of a mess that you can be. But I resisted, applied some moisturizer, threw up my hair and walked out the door. (Please baby Jesus don’t let me run into Joe Manganiello or Jon Hamm who happen to be in town shooting a movie, bump into me at the coffee shop, and explain that they would totally have made out with me right there, but the dark circles under my eyes turned them off. Amen.)

As fate would have it, I arrived undetected by my lovers in waiting and had the pleasure of meeting Emma, of Face, Skin, & Body. I knew that I was in competent hands as soon as we met. I mean, wowza! How gorgeous is she?


Emma immediately went to work covering up those dark circles and filling in that one brow that refuses to grow.

After. Is that even me?!?!

Now, it was time to get down to business. There were 3 other lovely ladies modeling with me, and we immediately got to be friends because when you have to act as though you’re BFFs at the biggest NYE party of the year, you get really close really fast.

Gorg. All of them.


We spent the rest of the day laughing,




and sipping.


I really don’t know how models do this all the time.

It was the most fun that I’ve had on Monday. And I didn’t even fall down or spill mayonaise on myself at lunch. I did meander around the city for awhile after the shoot hoping that Joe or Jon would be visiting the city and take one look at my perfect pout and declare their undying love for me, but not all dreams come true kids.

For the full details, visit the feature that the The Perfect Palette did!

Happy New Year, everyone!


All of the photos in this post are courtesy of  Caitlin Thomas Photography. The rest of the vendors involved in this amazing shoot are as follows:

Photography: Caitlin Thomas Photography │ Venue: Mattress Factory Museum │ Design: {SHE} Shayla Hawkins Events │ Floral + Event Design: Mocha Rose Floral Design │ Floral Distributor: Mayesh Wholesale │ Rentals + Furniture: All Occasions + Marbella │ Linens: Mosaic │ DJ: Jeremy Ganss Productions │ Videography: Sho Films │ Stationery Design: Diva Gone Domestic │ Cake + Dessert Design: Bella Christie’s │ Hair + Makeup: Emma + Suzanne of Face, Skin, & Body.

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