It’s my party. I’ll eat the whole damn cake if I want to.

mae 1st bday
1st birthday. I ate that cake like a boss.

Sorry for the mini break. As you probably surmised from previous posts, this time of year is very difficult for me. My mother and I aren’t close, so that combined with the whole infertility thing make the days before and after Mother’s Day a little blah. Throw my birthday in there, and it’s a mess of emotions.

The one upside to this mess is that I’m repeatedly reminded how many amazing people that I have in my life. Most of them aren’t related, but they love me so much and aren’t afraid to show it. From beginning to end, my day was awesome. Colleagues made sure to start my day right with a tiara, banner, and my favorite cake – yellow cake with chocolate icing. In the middle of the day, my friend Facetimed (has this word been added to the dictionary yet?) me from Germany to cheers me with her glass of wine (damn the time difference!). Later, colleagues allowed me to hijack a going away happy hour to celebrate my birthday and Pete organized dinner and drinks with friends at a local bar where we listened to live bluegrass music.

In between, I received many texts, calls and messages. It felt very special that people not legally bound to me, took time out of their busy day to celebrate that I’m in the world. Even though living in this world is hard – like really, really hard sometimes – one quick look around and the love I have in my life is palatable. It’s a great reminder every year that none of us do this alone. Thank you all for helping me get through each day – pushing, cheering, caring. I love you. You’re the best kind of family.

bday tiara
Treated as the princess I am by the work peeps.
Two of my friends bought me the same card. Hmmm…
ue boom
Awesome wireless speaker from the husband.
Bluegrass by the Shelf Life String Band at The Park House.
Gorgeous peonies from my friend.

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