Hairy Matters

I’ve had an abundance of dark hair since I was a teenager. While other young women may have been ok with their blossoming bodies, I hated having a twin mustache with my brother. I remember trying everything to remove my facial hair – creams that burned my skin, wax strips, shaving (which made me feel like a dude), and bleaches (that also burned). I finally figured out a combo of waxing and tweezing that worked, but wasn’t ideal. When I started letting someone do it professionally, I didn’t like how much it was eating up my Starbucks budget.

Then on one of my visits to the aestheticism, I noticed that she used a hot wax, instead of the soft wax and strips that I normally saw. I liked how much simpler it seemed to go on and off. A few weeks later, I came across an at-home version by Parissa in the grocery store and figured that I’d try it out.

It comes in a little metal pan, ready to heat on a warmer or the stove. I just use the stove, but it does tend to drip, so if you’d like to avoid the hassle of getting it off, you may want to invest in a warmer.


Make to that you DON’T heat it all the way through! It will take forever for the liquid to cool down to become usable again.

Once it is the consistency of molasses , you can begin applying it to your skin. If it’s too hot, blow a few times on the wax you’re about to apply to cool it down. I tend to go for the Fu Manchu look every time.

Fu Manmae
Who wore it best?

When the wax is no longer tacky and before it hardens (it takes some trial and error to know when it’s the right time to pull it off), grab a hold of one end and pull as quickly as you can. I’m not going to lie, those tiny hairs still hurt to remove even after years of waxing.

hot wax

That’s it! Now, you can apply the azulene oil that they provide to soothe the skin you just murdered.

hot wax 2

After you get the hang of it, you may be tempted to try it on other parts of your body. I warn you: DO NOT. You may think that you’ve mastered it enough to slather it on your nether regions while your husband isn’t home. You may be standing pants-less in your kitchen when you go to rip the first strip off and scream in pain. You may start getting super sweaty at the thought of doing it again, causing the wax to soften, making it impossible to pull off. You may be in a full on panic by the time your husband comes home to you naked in the kitchen, crying, and pleading for him to take it off for you. He will refuse for the sake of future intimacy, and you will contemplate getting an emergency appointment with the aesthetician to finish what you started. However, you will dig deep into your inner Shera, bite on a towel, pull off the rest, and then weep in the corner for the next hour.

Just don’t. I heard from a friend that it could happen.

Parissa is the only brand that I’ve used, so there may be better ones out there, but this is my go to. You can buy it from Amazon, Ulta, or directly from Parissa’s website.

2 thoughts on “Hairy Matters


    The husband is on the phone and I read this and had TEARS running down my face from laughing! I remember hearing that story while the “wound” was still fresh. I tried then to contain the laughter … but now, oh but now … I almost peed myself.

    Thanks for putting yourself out there and telling “a friend’s” story. You are so wonderful and amazing and beautiful 🙂 Now get over here so we can tweeze our chin hairs together.

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