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Have you seen these before?


I’ve walked past them in the grocery store a few times and decided to try them out when they went on sale.

I don’t particularly enjoy cooking. I’m not oohing and aahing and making love to every ingredient that goes into my food like Giada. I love food, but I cook so that I have something to soak up the wine in my stomach. When I do make a meal, I like to incorporate lighter dinners into our diet since Papa John’s is on speed dial.

Pete is a total meat and potatoes guy, so noodle substitutes aren’t his thing. Actually, substitutes aren’t his thing in general. If the packaging calls attention to the fact that it has less fat, sodium, lighter fluid… he automatically assumes that it will taste badly. We have an ongoing debate about unsalted butter (a requirement for most baked goods!) because he complains that he has to add salt on it for his toast. Dude, toast is your entire argument for buying salted butter? It’ll be ok. Anyway, I digress…

At that moment, I happened to have a pound of shrimp in my freezer and thought that they would go nicely on top of the noodles. I modified this shrimp scampi recipe from the Food Network by subbing the vermouth with Chardonnay (duh) and adding twice the butter (see, this is why I need low calorie noodles!).

shrimp scampi

I’m definitely glad that I made two bags of the noodles even though each package supposedly contains two servings. I thought they may expand when heated, but they don’t. Truth be told, I could have probably eaten two packages by myself and wouldn’t have blinked since they are only 10 calories a serving!

The taste was similar to traditional noodles and went well with a butter sauce. I only wish I had made more of the scampi sauce to be able to dip some toasted bread into it. (Again, the reason I need to lower calories in other areas.)

Even Pete enjoyed the meal and only commented once about how it would have been better with pasta. (Basically a gold star in my book.)

I’ll definitely try Tofu Shirataki noodles again, perhaps as part of a pad thai or hot pot recipe. I don’t think that they would work as well with a heavy tomato sauce.

If you’ve tried Tofu Shirataki noodles, what recipes have you made with them? What are your favorite food swaps?

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  1. I’ve tried these, and they are intimidating in my opinion. I did enjoy them after I got the courage to try them. I did mine in a peanut sauce with shrimp. Yum!

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