birthday boys

I’m so glad last week is over. Our schedules were insane, and it was hard to even enjoy the fun moments because we were plain tired. In the midst of the chaos, we did manage to celebrate the birthdays of both my main men, Pete and Max.

I’m always pretty good at gift-giving, but it was hard this year. Pete likes utilitarian gifts, so I debated between a Fitbit (since he’s been using a similar app on his phone) or a new suit (which he really needed). On a whim, I called a Brooks Brothers outlet store nearby, and not only did they have the type of navy suit that I wanted in his size, but it was the last day of their 50% off sale! Useful and cheap. Score.

Pete and I love trying out new restaurants, so I also made reservations at The Commoner (great new restaurant in Pittsburgh). If you like American cuisine done well, craft beers, and innovative cocktails, you’ll love it. And listen to the reviews by finishing your meal with The Sticky Toffee Pudding dessert – a warm date cake with ice cream. It’ll make you melt into a puddle of “oh my god.”

Afterwards, I snuck in a surprise by inviting a few friends to join us for a nightcap and cigars at Cioppino’s Cigar Bar. Both of us enjoy the occasional cigar – even more so with friends. And the bar also happened to have a live band that night which ended the evening on a celebratory note.

Of course, you can’t have a birthday without cake. Unless you don’t like cake. In which case, I can’t be your friend.

I usually make homemade cakes for the dogs, but I saw ready-made ones by Doggie Delights at our local pet store, and given my current state of exhaustion, thought I’d give them a try. For some reason, I felt really guilty about not making Max’s cake from scratch, even though he regularly eats paper products, ant traps, floss, pens… Oh, and he’s a dog.

max cake

I picked up a box of yellow cake for Pete, partly because of laziness, but mostly because he loves it. And so do I. There’s nothing like a boxed yellow cake. I’ve tried to make it homemade, but it doesn’t have the same taste to it. Maybe it’s the Maltodextrin?

Since Pete is starting to lament about growing older, I was careful to be extra sensitive and supportive this year.

I think it was well-received.

Despite failing as a puppy mama and wife, the boys seemed happy with their cakes.

max pete cake

Are you a crazy dog lady like me? Do you celebrate your dogs birthdays? How about human cakes? Do you prefer a special homemade cake or do you have a favorite boxed one?

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  1. hello and belated Happy Birthday, just over a month later ;-)i have been rediang through your posts and i got to this one and read of your lovely celebration. Can you tell me what kind of cake that is in the tin with the seeds and nuts, looks so beautiful! wishing you a new year that overflows with days that feel wonderful to you!also: you post such wonderful things on your blog, i have enjoyed a lovely visit.

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