And on the 4th year, they exchanged… FRUIT?!

So year 4 for married couples is a total crapshoot, at least for the wife. The traditional gifts are fruit and flowers. While both are lovely, neither really is conducive to lasting memories. I tried to take the flower angle because Pete does enjoy gardening and his favorite flower is the Daisy (thus the name of our girl pup). But everything I searched for with the word “daisy” in it, came up with tons of very feminine items. The farthest I could stretch it was a handkerchief with daisies embroidered into it. Close, but no cigar.

Since Etsy has become my default for unique gifts, I did a quick search of “anniversary gifts for him.” Some framed wedding vowels, personalized flasks – GOOD LAWD, WHAT IS THIS?!!??!

etsy year4

I never really got the g-string vibe from Etsy, but they exist – in custom silk. And for $60? How much fabric are they using? Is most of it to stuff that bulge? I don’t know, but between this and the baby Santa onesie from hell, someone call the fire department, my eyes are burning.

So, I’m wondering what do people buy their husbands for their 4th anniversary? Any ideas that don’t involve his privates are welcome.

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